Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why I Write This Blog

How on earth did I ever end up with a blog about minimalist living? That thought had occurred to me a few days ago, and I felt it deserved to be fully answered, if I was to claim to be any sort of authority on the minimalist lifestyle. 
It started a year ago, wandering a Barnes and Noble for inspiration, when I discovered Maya Frost's The New Global Student. It is both a story of her family's escape from suburbia and a how-to guide for becoming a globally educated student in our rather rigid education system that doesn't like things out of the norm. Though I was already in college and most of the book didn't apply to me, I found her story incredibly inspiring. She is even from a little tiny town right next to the one I grew in, and it was a sign for me. There is nothing I'd love more than to travel as my passions shift, and hopefully, I'll begin my own journey this year. At any rate, this book was the starting point. I knew there was a way to embrace my dream of traveling the world without having to wait until I retired, but I hadn't found the answer yet.
Life has been busy happening the past year while I blast through college at a rapid rate, but the thoughts of living simply and self-improvement have only multiplied. In January, I began my 101 in 1001 list, which has led me to complete 15 goals already, and I have 35 more in progress. I finally bought a car in January, only to turn around and sell it 3 weeks later and commit my traveling life to being a bike commuter. I have explored time management systems, wondering if answers laid therein, and then I discovered Zen to Done, which has rocked my world. 
Everything I read and everything happening in my life has snowballed into this sense of self-discovery I've never known before. Having a kid at 20 doesn't give you much time to learn who you really are, but I think I'm starting to find out. This soul searching has led me to realize the reason I could never determine what my values were was because I simply didn't have traditional values. I figured out my commitments and tore them down to just the ones that make me happy. 
Writing makes me happy. It relaxes me, and I get to make a contribution to the world in my own little way. I've only had this up a week, and I already am gaining a following of readers - which, by the way, you guys are awesome for being so supportive. Allowing myself to reflect on the decisions I make daily and the way I choose to live makes me constantly aware of the struggles and triumphs of living the minimalist lifestyle. I'm always looking for my next blog idea all over the place, and many of those places make me step back and think. More than anything, since I started this blog, I find myself asking why people look so unhappy, and I think I know parts of the answer. Simplifying lifestyles and ending consumerism are passions of mine, and this is how I spread awareness that are alternatives.
So, I suppose that is why I write here. I spread awareness, make myself happy, and I try to help others discover their own happiness. If I'm an authority, it's through personal experience, being well-read, and offering alternatives. 
What is an alternative decision you have made before? How did people view it? Do have any regrets about it?

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