About Me

Evie and I being silly
So, who am I? To be honest, I feel like I'm just beginning to find out. However, since everyone likes to know who it is exactly writing these articles, here are the basic stats.

My name is Dusti, I'm 22 years old, and I'm a student at Portland State University and Portland Community College. 

I have so many passions that sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled in ten directions at once. Some of these passions include going on adventures, minimalist living, being creative in a variety of ways, bike commuting, and many others. 

This purpose of this blog is to write about my triumphs and struggles with minimalist living and how it effects everything I do. I want to share my values in the form of my life statement and personal definition of minimalist living: A sustainable lifestyle (adventure) created through education and creative thinking in order to achieve personal freedom (liberation). Through what I've learned already, I hope to further my own self-improvement through writing for others, as well as continue to learn from others.

I started writing this summer with the intention of getting published, and I've been receiving excellent, useful feedback from people flocking to the site. If there are any topics in particular that interest you relating to minimalist living, please contact me, and it will likely be featured. I am also very open to writing guest posts.

This is my daughter, Evie. She is hilarious, and turning 2 in December. She will frequently be a subject of discussion, experimentation, and photography. She hopes everyone likes her mommy's site, so mommy can buy her more cheese, please.