Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happiness in Minimalism: Words of hope

                      I woke up this morning looking for the first time at the ceiling of my new apartment. I felt this overwhelming calm for a moment, my partner lying still asleep breathing deeply. The sound made me smile. For the first time in a year, I could walk into the kitchen in my underwear to get my coffee, if I wanted. Hell, I could make pancakes in the nude if I felt so inclined - probably not a good option since I always make messes when I cook. There were no other people to tip toe around, and that had an uncanny feel to it. 

                    And, the location! I wasn't 200 feet from one of my favorite coffee shops of all time. Across the street from a secondhand shop, where just the night before, I had purchased the black IKEA desk I was now using. The home office I was coming to realize I needed in order to be a more effective writer has already come to fruition. 

                    It comes to mind I can finally practice minimalism to the fullest extent I want to and that puts me at an ease I haven't felt in ages. It has been a long year, full of struggles, and I feel I have arrived. For the first time ever, I believe I actually know something about who I am. 

                   I finally have my sanctuary, and I am finally home.

I felt it relevant to share this stream of consciousness with my blog readers, because this is how I have wanted to live. Our apartment is simple, close to locally owned businesses and small for most people, though huge for us after living in a tiny room for a year. This was posted as a means to give hope to those in dire straits, to encourage minimalist thought and action because of the results. I probably wouldn't be happy or even remotely content with my new home if I weren't devoted to simplicity. I hope it gives those in difficult places a renewed strength to continue pursuing their dreams of small living in the name of living to the fullest.

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